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de la Newton

9 October 1985
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My musical interests really expand way too fast for me to keep up with on these online thingamajigs (plus, according to livejournal I'm apparently only allowed to be into 150 things, which is whack like a heart attack). For a more updated list of what I'm into at the moment, go to the ever-so-adored myspace page. I play music with a lot of bands (I think the count right now is 7, but it may be more or less soon, we'll see...). one of them is this guy bizzart. he's pretty cool. You can also find a lot of other projects I'm in as a musician, artist, and activist at the amar collective. we hold events regularly all around LA.
afro-rock, afrobeat, anti-capitalism, art/music festivals, australopithecines and early hominids, b-movies, babysitting my nieces, bass, bata drums, bears, collectivism, deep funk, dinosaurs, direct action, dub, ducks, eavesdropping in public, egalitarian group dynamics, ethnomusicology, factory occupations, folk, glitch, graphic design, idm, internet radio, jazz, latin american psych rock, mandolin, mbira, minimal techno, movements based in dialogue, mpb, open-minded anarchists, open-minded socialists, organizing shows, percussion, performing music, podcasting, popping and locking, publishing zines and books, punk, reading, recording holiday albums, recording music, school occupations, setting up political workshops, social activism, spontaneous political conversations, talking drum (dundun), the formal consensus process, tropicalismo, vocals, writing, yayli tambur